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Miami Heat Experiment

Now during the 2010 NBa free angency, D-wade /Chris Bosh /and Lebron James have all signed together in the Miami Heat.
They will play under Pat Riley as their head coach.
Miami is D-wade’s team and its his home, but now he has to share his glory with other all star players, including the 2 -time MVP 09/08 Lebron James.
The team will have to change up their formations and figure out what works.
Lebron could propably play any position.
The funny thing about this free-angecy was how much drama Lebron had created.
It was like watchiong a soap opera.
Lebron James really did have a meeting with D-wade and bosh, and propably heard the idea from D-wade… but was hesitant.
As moving together with the number 2 and 3 players in one team would hurt his legacy.
He also sacrificed his pay in order to be on a better team that can win more.
Now it is clear who is the best in the league… KObe Bryant… and Lebron JAmes would have to be satisfied with knowing he was number2 or 3.
Lebron JAmes now is in a situation to win the NBa FInals, which he wants no matter what. ANd he wants to win multiple rings as do bosh and wade.
The 2010-11 nba season should be interesting.
It was also funny to see how KNicks and other teams were rubbing millions of dollars towards James for no reason. ALl those teams wanted his face and his talents in order to cash in by the people of their designated city.
The knicks thought they could buy fame and prosperity with greed and money, as did cavaliers and other teams… and for that i laugh at their ridiculous attempts in vain. Good for james to leave many of these rich buffoons with their money without any talent and respect.


Pop Culture

Some people of America or rather of the world are addicted to popular culture. THey live it and breathe it. They have to know everything concerning the life of Lindsey Lohan to new birth of Hally Barry’s child.
The odd part is that all of it is pretty absurd.
DO people of lower class or lower standards based on society’s standards look up to people of hollywood with such divinity?
People are just HUman beings. Despite differences in skin color, sex, eyecolor, hair color, age or even nationality people are still the same sort of similar make up.
It truly is a ridiculous fascination to care so much about other people living their life in glory based on society’s standards.
These people get so much fame:
A. Because people think they are so heavenly.
B. Because people need something or someone to fascinate about.
C. People live pathetic and useless and meaningless lives and they have to look at people of Hollywood or simply any others associated with the limelight for some sort of relaxation or calamity.

Although, i must admit , I too have a slight concern for these people. But this concern is derived by the way society is created and how it progresses. Society has somewhat brainwashed my way of thinkg. But it has not clouded me completely…
When i live my life, why does it bother to me how Paris Hilton justs acts smutty and gets laid for cash?
Or HOw LIndsey Lohan has to be in celebrity jail for 90 days.
OR that a certain celeb has survived brain cancer.

The truth of the matter is that these issues are occurring everywhere throughout the world. It is not only hollywood that should receive so much attention but also to the neighbors and friends living nearby.

WHat matters to one’s current situation should be considered more highly than what the situation of another person in Hollywood is.

It is extremely ignorant for people to care so much for popular culture. They need to realize that society has created a standard in which people look up to these people of highclass.
These people whom are so successful are just people who somehow are able to live on the top of the human chain.
But its quite ironic that it is those that are poor and in the middle that actually do the most difficult work of the human life while trying to sustain the balance of life.

People need to stop gloating at others and focus more on simply living life for themselves while attempting to stray from the brainwash of society’s standards.

Purpose of Life?

Does one only realize his or her importance in the string of life after he or she has given birth to a child?
Is the purpose of one’s life to simply extend the bloodline and genes?

Walking through the park feeling the wind, blending with society, participating in casual meaningless conversations, and just living life makes one wonder.

If there truly is a god… why has he created Human beings?
What is God’s purpose in creating such odd creatures?

Does one come to inquire such peculiar questions only when struck by grief, misfortune, depression, or bordum with life?

Society seems to go on for eternity yet what makes a person’s existence significant?

Some say religion has the answer while others do not. Religion has created tremendous battles amongst men and women… it is unclear to truly believe it after looking at it objectively.
HOwever, these questions seem limitless or impractical.
They probably have been heavily debated by scholars who seem to know what they are talking about with extravagant words, when truthfully they simply go in circles without any glimmer of progression.

But nonetheless, it is crucial for any human being, unless one desires to exponentially live ina bottle without his or her freedom to live or have a personal life, to figure out these answers that suits himself or herself best.

After viewing the world so subjectively without acknowledging the basic fundamentals that life offers, I’ve come to a broader realization that life is fruitless if one does not try to live it. Try to explore different tasks without the sole goal of earning money or becoming a world leader or a politician or President or even a tyrant…
i think it is important to simply understand that everyone has a purpose in life but despite that reason it is still crucial to find that mate and simply have a child and protect it or at the very least know that your genes will live on and you will leave a part of yourself in the string of life.
It seems this is something many often forget and do not consider… but when it comes to the essence of life… what else do men and women have to do in life?
Is there something else more decisive than prolonging the existence of one’s own species or at least his/her genes?

I guess i still have life to figure it out myself… but nonetheless it is a fundamental aspect of life everyone should try to inquire and attempt to answer.

Links to Basketball Greatness

These are links to You-tube Basketball videos posted by random internet people:D. They are some of my favorite links that i watch often and even comment. They each have different sound tracks that blends well with the videos. Enjoy!


Kobe- Vindicated

Kobe Version 2

Lebron James mix(goes well with the clips)

High School Lebron(mello vs lb pretty cool music as well)

Kobe- Requiem for a dream>

D-wade aka Flash


After actually thinking about the world…
I realized one person cannot change much in the world.
Whether i feel if the world is corrupt or just not the way it should be… truthfully i cannot alter it too greatly by myself.
Thus i get it that it takes many people to change something.
I also am acknowledging the power of America and its power. American FBI or CIA can kill me anytime they wish… so my resistance against them is pretty much futile.
Well… since i am living in America i therefore am part of it and am supporting her no matter how much i defy or act to rebel.
America is, although i may seem at times very irrational, a nation that provides many liberties greater than other nations. America has opportunity, and lets one gain at another’s loss(capitalism). America in all honesty is helpful to her citizens… which i am BTW:D
If capitalism is the founding ideology that motivates America… it should be obvious that America will do anything to bull over any other nation for its gains.
What I am realizing is that… my blog alone cannot change anything that America does.
Yes if i become a crazy delusional preacher like the ones on the A Train(nyc joke) maybe i could convince others… but hey… when it comes to the nit and gritty… yes I am all nothing but talk and no action.
It sad to admit it… but I am not willing to risk my life and what I have to fight for a greater cause.
In all honesty… thinking as a brainwashed American… why should i care how bad another nation of people suffer while i benefit?
After all its survival of the fittest… right?

My thoughts are very spread out… but the point is that America is a nation full of lies, it cheats and gains while another nations suffers, it brainwashes its citizens, it manipulates the people living within… it taxes the poor while the rich benefit more and act like they contribute to society by holding donations and fund raisers….
But in the end I am just one person living in one little corner of NYC.. and I cannot do anything.
So… I will eventually just live my life just as another regular person.
Living life as it comes.
When i get mad or happy or think of something I will write about it.
And if i write something negative about America.. hey “its just Lock’s opinion” and no1 is forcing to agree or disagree… so in the end I realize that the world is too big for my ideas and most of it is useless.

So… let America rot for all i care…. I believe in Karma.. so if America does something negative.. or certain specific people do… so too will they rot.

And life after death will not be as pleasant as those may have wanted….
Yea i guess im somewhat religious… but hey What does it matter to you?

How To Capture a Screen Shot of your Desktop/Windows Media Player

How To Capture a Screen Shot of your Desktop or the Active Window in Windows
By Sue Chastain, About.com Guide

Have you ever pressed the PrtScn (print screen) key on your Windows keyboard and wondered why it was there since it never seemed to do anything? Well, it does do something! It copies an image of your screen onto the “clipboard,” ready to paste into any graphics program. These steps show you how to use it along with Windows’ standard image editor, Microsoft Paint, to save an image of your screen. You can also watch a video version of this tutorial.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1 minute
Here’s How:

1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It may be labeled [PrtScn].

2. Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint.

3. Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste.

4. If prompted to enlarge the image, choose Yes.

5. Optional: Use your image editor’s crop tool to crop out unnecessary portions of the screen shot.

6. Go to the File Menu and choose Save As.

7. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.

8. Type a file name for the image.

9. Select a file type.

10. Click the Save button.


1. Hold the Alt key down while pressing Print Screen to capture only the active window.

2. Generally the GIF format works best when saving screen shots of application windows. The JPEG format usually makes screen shots (especially those with text) blurry, blotchy and discolored.

2nd way:
Free simple way to capture Images from Windows Media Player

* Open Window Media Player
* Then go to Tools | Options
* In Options, select the Performance Tab
* Way below you click on the Advanced Button
* Uncheck “Use Overlays’
* Click Ok
* And you are ready.
Then click Pint screen button on top right of keyboard.
Paste on photo-shop or paint. and wallah.
2nd one worked for me

TOP 15 Anime

#15 Planetes (TV) Watch it then talk about it.

#14 Cowboy Bebop (TV) Ending is superb. Fits entire anime perfectly.

#13 Ef – a tale of memories (TV) Omg, so heart moving. Great anime. OP music one of the best.

#12 Rumbling Hearts (TV) Nice romance/drama characters/music/ animation.

#11 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed nICE drama.

How to Find Anime to watch Online

IN this post, you can learn how to find anime streamed online easily, how to search for specific types of anime, and how to download any anime episode or even entire series.

HOw to find Streamed ANime

check anime websites that have streamed listings…

some websites i frequently browse through are:

The way i found these websites was simple.
I googled _____ (random anime title and the word streamed)
For example: Full Metal Alchemist Streamed:
should give links.
Then find a website that you like and bookmark it.

How to search for specific types of anime
If you are not picky watch them randomly… but since post are picky and have unique tastes in anime… it is wiser to search based on genres.
The main website i use to search genres is:
This website not only has the names of all anime ever created… it also has ratings by viewers.
It also has a “Search” feature that lets you search anime titles based on certain genre.
For example: Follow the tab: encyclopedia/search:
then after you click here you can choose which genre you want and click OK.
Then an entire list of anime should pop up.

AFter you find the anime you can either google and find it streamed online…
or go to a bookmarked streamed anime website.

How to download Anime
The last part is a secret, but most people do it nowadays.
if the series is really good… you can download it…

i have many anime download/torrent website as well that has practically every legit anime out there(nonp=porn__)
If you don’t understand how to function the torrents… its quite easy.
Download a torrent program… some examples are:

You can google any1 of them.
AFter you download a program the rest is simple:
open a torrent of a specific file
google: “Naruto episode 165 torrent”
Instead of gogling for good torrents there’s yet another secret: you couldve guess it if you firgured how i think.
So.. there’s a website that links to anime/torrents.
This website has very good and the latest quality files… so it is very helpful:
and a download link should appear.
Then click open and open with the torrent program and wallah your download should get started.
The trick with torrents is to see how many people are seeding.
seeders are the people letting other people like yourself download.

Now you should be able to watch any kind of anime online.
But remember anime companies and mangakas make money if your buy their products.. so don be selfish and try to show your appreciation by purchase.

My theory about America

“spending thousands to give you a free education until end of high school, millions on police and safety. What do they have to do to please you? ..”

the point of free public education is to show the public that the government is using our tax money efficiently…
what u dont kno is that the government wants us to eventually pay it back by paying taxes when u do work… in addition when u work.. although it mays eem to benefit u becuase of the delusion created by teh idea of capitalism,… you are infact helping the country, america, prosper. If u go to schoooll- you will get a good job- and u will help america- which will help the nation grow stronger- which will let the government brainwash more people to have more wars like war on terrorists.. and create secret operations and blow up 9/11 to justiy a war.

You talk about police?
I live nyc.. and police are different. They have a slip where they have to get a certain amount of arrents or have to give out a certain amount of tickets. This means anything goes.

They will stripp the public of their rights and try to use force as a means of justification
What gives the right for a police to have more power than the average man?
The violence is not caused by crazy people but by the guy who makes guns and wepaons.. who makes these weapons? America does lol
and a socity needs murder and deaths .. u dont want the population to grow too much with so much odl folks and so much life… we will consume all the resources too quickly.

police or popo… in nyc… even if u dont commit a crime are scary becuase u never know they might pull u over or check u out for no reason.

the other day on my block… a cop car arrested a prostitue… then on the nest block the girl is let out… guess what they did for the 20 mins on the police car parked?
another day in news “police officer while drunk kills innocent man…” why is he not convicted yet?
in fact that police officer is still in his office working.
where is the justification in that?
most people in America are being fooled.
im not trying to sound crazy, but im just trying to tell u guys not to believe everything so easily.
America is a nation full of lies.

SOme guy responded with:
“if you really think that the US caused 9/11 you are really confused, your taxes pay for protection, and millions of jobs nationwide. if you think you’re just paying them back for the free education, you will need to realize you will paying for your education million times over your life through taxes if you see it that way.
.is this through personal experience/knowledge or is this just whining?
have you ever heard of police power? at least take a government class.
the united states and everyone else in the whole world make guns.
welcome to the united states. we constantly use more resources than any other country in the world.
do you know how packed the jails are? how do u know what they were doing in the police car? just saying.”

Responder NUmber2 said:
“And it all starts with idiots like you.

Whole topic is filled with heresay and rumors, no actual facts. You wonder why the nation is full of lies? It’s filled with people like you.

You’re surprised the government is designed so that it can keep running? Really? Seriously? Government takes money to run, but it’s expected to spend money to provide for people to. Of course it’s designed in a way that the money it spends will eventually come around back toward them to go back into running more stuff. It’s the basics of any business model, spend money to make money. Also LOL at conspiracy theory crap, please just be quiet.

Have you actually talked to cops about “slips”(the thing you’re talking about is called a quota B.T.W., it’s not a hard word to learn.)? It’s a myth that’s started by idiots who are upset they get a lot of tickets. There’s no such thing as a quota for tickets, there are cops that will give lots of tickets and there are cops who will give barely any.

What gives the rights to the police to have more power? Is this a joke? How exactly would they enforce the law if they didn’t have more power than the average citizen? Let’s look at a forum as a great example. I’m a mod, right? I have more power than you, right? Why do I have more power than you? To enforce the forum rules. What would happen if I didn’t have more power than you and tried to enforce the forum rules? I’d be told to fuck off and mind my own business.

Sigh people vs guns as the source of violence arguement. Such a mute point, if they didn’t have guns they’d use slingshots. If they couldn’t make slingshots, they’d use sharp sticks. If they couldn’t get sharp sticks, they’d use a rock. If they couldn’t use a rock, they’d use their fists. People cause the violence, not the tools they use.

Prostitution, did you watch them having sex? No? Oh, that’s what I thought. Did you know there are things known as criminal informants? Undercover cops? Did you know there are multiple ways to handle crimes being committed? Arrest isn’t the only response. The whole point is simply a rumor that you feel the need to spread to sound cool and smart. Guess what, you’re not either.

Police officer not convicted, show me the article. Or do you only read the titles? Every newspaper has their articles online now a days, so it shouldn’t be hard to show me. My bet is that the title was exagerated, assuming the article is even real, but you don’t read the articles to know what really happened or what is happening with the cop and any explanation behind it.

They don’t just let cops get away with stuff like that, especially if it’s publicized. It ruins the imageof the police which therefore threatens the trust of the police. A large aspect of police is their presence of authority, if they aren’t trusted then they can’t project that presence. Any/every cop is taught this, which is what tells me there was some very KEY points in the article that you didn’t read because you only read the titles. Again, this is all assuming there was even such an article.

My response:
its people like you who live in a closed world that cannot see what wrong actions america is doing.
one quick problem ill point out is the pollution caused by america which many other nations follow. Since america is a leading nation of the 21st centruy.. other nations follow…
pollution is ruining the enviroment so bad the earth will be ruined.
we will have no where to live soon enuf becuase of the way we use resources… and america is one of the few nations that deserve a lot of blame

@ the guy who said 9/11 was not done by usa>>> thats a load of bs
how can u suddenly blame some random gorup for 9/11?
and the next day proclaiim the beggining of a never ending war?
dont u think it was a drastic move by the bush adminstration to say war on terrorist like the week after 9/11 attacks?
People did not question is becuase theywere manipulated with fear…

What is war on terror?
isnt that saying america should be only nation with power and if any1 else tries to attain power we attack?
any justice in that?
think of it like this and not only in ameirca’s point of view.
imagine u live in iraq and their leader syas we are having war on terror. and the terrorists are Americans… what would u do? how would u think?
how would u know who started the war? how can u kno while being one person in a nation controlled by fat white old people and money and greed?

@ comment about take government class>>>
yes taking classses wher eu are fed crap the government of the usa tells you is obviously a smart ass choice.
i was taking a us history class and all the professor did was praise FDR and lincoln.
lincoln did not do shyt
the slaves freed themsleves not the other way around.
“upset they get a lot of tickets. There’s no such thing as a quota for tickets, there are cops that will give lots of tickets and there are cops who will give barely any.”
you sound like an emo child who got upset for making fun of america… relax u moron

iv got police friends living in nyc and this quota u say is not a myth.. you need to get out of the KO world and enter the real world.

I got ticketed while using a turnstile
it was me and my 6 year old nephew…
since when do 6 year olds need to pay for subway ride?
thats a load of crap
and at that time i got surrounded by 10 or 7 cops uncover
btw this was at 34st heart of nyc
and they not only they try to check my bags and pokets.. while disregarding my rights…
they also suddenly kept asking me randomly are u a terrorist?
u dont look like a cittizen u sure ur not lieing? and all other b/s trying to scare me and say they will deport me…
another would say do u have a bomb in ur bag? i remeber it like it was yesterday…
cops are overpowered and discriminatory.
@ ur comment about being a moderator…
does that make u feel special?
in my pov i could care less… your the same slave of america as u were prior to being a mod so i could care less. i wont respect u any more or less.
being a mod to enforce rules… yea it helps create order… but theres a limit.
if u started to being..forexmaple lets say a KO mod/gm and u sold items while profiting… it will cause corruption…
dont u think cops can do the same?
use ur head and dont live in a secluded idiotic world.
@ the issue about cop
hes not convicted yet… but it was enough evidence to be a manslaughter .. however the DA and the precent members are covering it up. The cops are trying to get away with murder with minimum penalty.
Just becuase he was a cop does not give him the right to DWI and kill some1 without paying the price.
Off-duty cop charged in DWI crash that killed pastor’s daughter: police, 1 other officer fled scene
First article one cop fled the scene… what gives the cop the right to flee from a scene? i thought they were supposed to protect us? not themsleves only…

Off-duty NYPD cop charged with DWI after crashing into parked car

look at the article number two.
“All pleaded down to non-felony charges – and nearly all have remained on the job.
That is supposed to be a felony yet somehow…
Woods refused to take a Breathalyzer test. Court papers said he had bloodshot eyes and his breath reeked of alcohol.”
Why did he refuse to take the test?
to minimize the evidence…

I kno ur a cop and u feel bad that i rat u out and have hatred towards u and ur buddies… but no matter how many good cops there are the bad ones make the entire force look bad.
yes it called a stereotype…

and u guys b1tching about North korea..
IF u did something wrong agasint America… america would torture u as well. U act like the CIA/FBI does not torture people
how stupid can u be?
one example.. is transfering the location of the torture acts.. which in turns makes the actions legal.
in reliaty the location does not matter.. since after all it is still a place on earth… bborders and nations are meaningless… but anyways… americans justify their acts of torture as means of patriotism or on modern times in protection of our rights…
to me all that says is that it is a load of bs to cover it up.
IN the end, it is up to u guys… if u want to live closed up in a bottle.. then so be it… but hey i could care less.. waste ur life.

Edit: added some comments. ANd btw ignore my spelling mistakes… this is not an englihs class so relax u nerds.

NBA Finals 2010

some1 please h4ck NBa.com
NBa is all about money and nothing elese. ANy1 watching the NBA finals? The refs call everything in favor for celtics in game 5 and 2 and it is getting annoying. I hate the nBA i wouldnt be surprised if kobe leaves the leuge cuz its trash.
The celtics won game 5 cuz of shooting but also with the help of unfair calls by teh refs.
one bump on pierce the ref blows whistle and when kobe is defended by 2 people with 10 bumpbs he does not get a single call.
better yet they call offensive fouls and defense fouls on kobe.
THe nba legue is fucking annoying as hell now and its just ridiculous.

why i say kobe deserves more respect? cuz hes bets player on floor ofc they will defned him differently and thus the refs should take that into consideration. however the refs do not care and thus blow whispe mostly in favor for the celtics…
its prety obvious some1 from the celtic organization is paying specific refs to call in their favor.. im pretty sure both game 2 and 5 were pre-paid and planned.

Despite my rant after game 5 of the NBA finals. THe lakers still won.
BUt im sure the NBA did pay the refs to make it a 7 games series.
If KObe lost this final… I would never watch the NBA ever again.