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Shutter Island Review

This is yet another movie with Leonardo Dicapprio. I must say I’m a fan of his acting and his movies. The roles he takes on are not only challenging, but also complex mentally. They make the viewers think a lot about the entire movie from the beginning to the end.

Before getting into the gist of the movie lets start talking about the scenes. Some scenes are very nicely displayed on the screen.

For example:

Okay the one on the left shows the cold air on the background brushing Leo. This kind of realism is hard to depict. It also makes the scnes seem more important.

The pic on the right as some great lighting. The acting is also top notch from both Leo and his in role wife. The compassion was also evident.

On to the analysis:

This movie although is complex, in reality is not as complex as it seems.  All the conspiracy theories and ideas about Shutter Island being about a secret government facility and the doctors  supposedly corrupting Teddy Daniels who was played by(DiCaprio) by the end of the film are not accurate.  Although we as the viewers see the movie in terms of Teddy’s ideas and thoughts, it itself casues the confusion, and is not the correct view that should be significant. The legitimate ideas of the Doctors are in fact the turht. There are no secrets or conspiracies. DiCaprio’s character is actually Andrew Laeddis just as the Doctors say who also is patient 67. Andrew is in actuality a disturbed patient of Shutter Island who the doctors are trying to rehabilitate. Teddy’s job of being an investigator of the island is actually an intricate role playing game created by Dr. Cawley played by Sir Ben Kingsley and Teddy’s partner called“Chuck,” played by Mark Ruffalo, who is actually the “missing” Dr. Sheehan.

Cawley and Sheehan in actuality are doctors that have passion. They truly beleive in their therapy and that compassion can cure the madness even with a person like Andrew Laeddis. On the other hand, Dr. Naehring played by Max von Sydow and the Warden played by Ted Levine truly think that guys like Andrew are far too uncontrollable  and violent for a therapeutic fix. The Warden and Dr.Naehring belive in lobotomizing their patients  by strapping them down.

The entire events that occur throughout the move is part of the game that Dr.Cawley nd Sheehan had set. This was their second chance to rehabilitate Andrew. They attempted to pull Andrew away from his Teddy Daniels fantasy and accept the reality of his problems. They tried to make his accept that his wife Dolores played by Michelle Williams was mentally unstable/ill and murdered their children, and that he, Andrew, killed her as way to try to fight back. Andrew feels guilty because he knew that his wife was mentally ill prior to her actions and because of his post trauma after WWII, Andrew never acted upon and and thus because of that it cost him his children.

Guilt and hurt are what lead to the creation of Andrew’s second persona known as Teddy. And because he is smart, he creates a complex story that revolves conspiracy theories about Shutter Island. He continues his story by giving purpose and a reason by hunting for a patient who doesn’t exist. This is why he does not acknowledge he is patient 67.

Ending Explained:

The ending may seem unclear or difficult to comprehend, but it is not as difficult as it may seem. “Teddy wakes up to the reality that he is actually Andrew Laeddis, though he is warned by Dr. Cawley and Dr. Sheehan that he has regressed into his fantasy world before. However, Andrew is smart: When Dr. Sheehan sits with him on the steps that next morning, Andrew knows that the doctors and Warden are observing his behavior. The thing is, his guilt and pain are still so heavy that he knows he cannot live with them;  rather than live with the knowledge of his pain, he chooses to pretend that he is still Teddy Daniels and let them lobotomize him, so that he can finally be free of his burden.

That’s what the line to Dr. Sheehan about ‘living as a monster, or dying as a good man,’ means – Andrew would rather be mind-wiped as “Teddy Daniels” than live with the sins of Andrew Laeddis. The End.”(Vic Holtreman)

The ciggeretes?

The ciggerets were not narcottics. They were medicne that kept him stable. When Andrew stopped taking them he started to become out of control and unstable.

The note that said run was part of the insanity of the other inmates. And also part of his conspiracy ideas.

TOP 5 anime

NUmber1 is my best and my list goes on as the numbers compile.

Number 5 Now and Then, Here and There (TV) Have faith in urlsef, most inspirational anime ever.

NUmber 4 Eureka Seven (TV)
#4 Nice animation, and sexy sexy music.

NUmber 3- Code Geass Season1 and R2
Read my post about the ending and you should be able to tell why i like it so vastly.

NUmber 2 Hunter x Hunter (Tv)+ OVA
#2 Gon, 2nd fave char. If this anime is boring just give it some time, I guarantee it won’t disappoint you. This anime is so unbelievably good. It really is the only anime comparable to FMA. Maybe eureka 7 comes a little close, but man this anime is dam good. All the side characters are even cool. Killua, who’s like the second main char is also bad ass, he such a good friend for Gon, they really suit each other and help out one anohter.

NUmber 1 :Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
#1 Music/characters/action (alchemy like omfg so good) Da best anime evr