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Boycott the MTA(NYC Monopoly of Train and Bus System)

The NYc transit  bus and train system have a monopoly.

Since there is not another main transporting method for pedastrians the MTA take advantage.

Although currently we are facing a economic drop and are in a recession the MTA frankly do not realize it and are not only increasing fare rates, spending less on service, reducing the number of trains on service, but also they are doing anything in their power to benefit economically during this period of downfall.

Shouldnt the MTA also get down or lose money during the recession? But instead they are making their everyday users/riders pay for their loss and are trying to make up for their losess.

The people have not really done anything to deserve this kind of negative treatment from the MTA.

However, the truth of the matter is that the MTA can do anything it wishes to do. It is a monopoly with no compitition.

The MTA can raise its fares from $1.50 to $2.00 to $2.25 and to even $2.50 a single ride and nothing can the people say or do can stop them.

The people who rely on the MTA for everyday commute have to suck it up and pay this price, which adds up.

ALthough these price increases may seem like nothing for the rich person or even the average Joe, in the long run it can mean hundreds of dollars to millions.

Since millions of people use the MTA to get to their destinations, even a slight increase of the fares increase profits tremendously.

The point of my rant is to not only enlighten readers, but to also help them think out of the BOx. If you live in a city, in which trains and buses have been monopolized by one company you should try your best not to support them in any way possible.

My suggestions:

1. Try to use another sort of transportation. I suggest using a bicycle. You would be surprised at how much distance you can peddle and save time and money. I go to college with my bicycle in under 7 minutes as compared to the MTA BUs which takes me about 30-40mins.

2. Walk instead. You can get excercise and save money.

3. Buy a car. Yes although this causes pollution, and you have to face all sorts of traffic, it does help fight agasint the MTA.

4. If you see MTA using their monopolistic power to increase rates you can protest and or try to spread the word about using other methods of transportation. You could even boycott it.

The reason why people should not use the MTA anymore is because the trains and their service are truly lousy. We pay so much in tax and we now have to pay more in train rides? This is absurd. The everyday workers that run and support America should not suffer for the issues causes by mainstream big companies.In addition the NYc trains have not really improved much since the last 20 years. The same lousy trains having running time and time again. SHouldnt there be more high-tech or advanced trinas?

What about the train stations? WHy are they so filthy and disgusting? WHy cant they renovate with all their money and attempt to give back to their riders/commnuity?

WHen you look at the greed for money and power of the MTA(NYc trasportation system of BUses and Trains) you can realize that they do not care about the poeple of NY. They only care about themselves. So if these MTA owneers care so much about making money… why cant we fight back.

We should do anything in our power to resist using the MTA whenever we can.


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