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Purpose of Life?

Purpose of Life?

Does one only realize his or her importance in the string of life after he or she has given birth to a child?
Is the purpose of one’s life to simply extend the bloodline and genes?

Walking through the park feeling the wind, blending with society, participating in casual meaningless conversations, and just living life makes one wonder.

If there truly is a god… why has he created Human beings?
What is God’s purpose in creating such odd creatures?

Does one come to inquire such peculiar questions only when struck by grief, misfortune, depression, or bordum with life?

Society seems to go on for eternity yet what makes a person’s existence significant?

Some say religion has the answer while others do not. Religion has created tremendous battles amongst men and women… it is unclear to truly believe it after looking at it objectively.
HOwever, these questions seem limitless or impractical.
They probably have been heavily debated by scholars who seem to know what they are talking about with extravagant words, when truthfully they simply go in circles without any glimmer of progression.

But nonetheless, it is crucial for any human being, unless one desires to exponentially live ina bottle without his or her freedom to live or have a personal life, to figure out these answers that suits himself or herself best.

After viewing the world so subjectively without acknowledging the basic fundamentals that life offers, I’ve come to a broader realization that life is fruitless if one does not try to live it. Try to explore different tasks without the sole goal of earning money or becoming a world leader or a politician or President or even a tyrant…
i think it is important to simply understand that everyone has a purpose in life but despite that reason it is still crucial to find that mate and simply have a child and protect it or at the very least know that your genes will live on and you will leave a part of yourself in the string of life.
It seems this is something many often forget and do not consider… but when it comes to the essence of life… what else do men and women have to do in life?
Is there something else more decisive than prolonging the existence of one’s own species or at least his/her genes?

I guess i still have life to figure it out myself… but nonetheless it is a fundamental aspect of life everyone should try to inquire and attempt to answer.