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Top 5 Anime

TOP 5 anime

NUmber1 is my best and my list goes on as the numbers compile.

Number 5 Now and Then, Here and There (TV) Have faith in urlsef, most inspirational anime ever.

NUmber 4 Eureka Seven (TV)
#4 Nice animation, and sexy sexy music.

NUmber 3- Code Geass Season1 and R2
Read my post about the ending and you should be able to tell why i like it so vastly.

NUmber 2 Hunter x Hunter (Tv)+ OVA
#2 Gon, 2nd fave char. If this anime is boring just give it some time, I guarantee it won’t disappoint you. This anime is so unbelievably good. It really is the only anime comparable to FMA. Maybe eureka 7 comes a little close, but man this anime is dam good. All the side characters are even cool. Killua, who’s like the second main char is also bad ass, he such a good friend for Gon, they really suit each other and help out one anohter.

NUmber 1 :Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
#1 Music/characters/action (alchemy like omfg so good) Da best anime evr