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Inception the movie explained

Inception the movie explained

Now…this movie is fantastically awesome and at the same time mind-blowing.

Many various actions occur throughout the movie and its makes one wonder about so many questions simultaneously.

First off, it is important to understand that Leonardo who plays the character Cobb has lost his beloved wife and cannot forget her. Cobb and his wife previously lived about 50 years in a dream, which was about 1-2 years of actual time. They spent their life aging in a dream… but soon learned that it was not real and decided to return to reality and out of the dream. However, Cobb’s wife after returning to reality thought she was still dreaming. Her mind was confused and could not differentiate reality from the dream-state.

The motif was death, in which lets the dreamer return to reality. So cobb’s wife thought of a plan to commit suicide her husband. However, Cobb knew he was in reality already and did not want to commit suicide. He tried his best to save his wife, but could not.

Because of this he was consumed of guilt and could not forgive himself.

Eventually because of this guilt CObb’s wife started to interfere with Cobb’s dreams. ANd this interference would eventually interfere with the entire plan.

The purpose of this plan was to help another man of high power change the thoughts of another young man who could alter the fate of the world politics.

Cobb basically was being blackmailed because all Cobb wanted to do was to be with his children… but his agency would not let him.

HE was forced to do this job so his agency would become powerless.

SO his job needed to alter the thoughts of  a young man who would become the head of a political empire.

After the plan of using three different dreams within one… in other words making three different mazes within one dream to reach the farthest depth of one’s mind, is set up. Leonardo and the little girl who creates the mazes learns about a key factor that could interfere with the plan. So in order to help cobb the girl who created the mazes joins the fight and also intercepts the young man’s dream.

SO he made a team of 6 and dosed the young man and with his team intercepted his dream.

HIs entire team was being attacked by not only the self defense of the young man’s mind, but also by the guilt Cobb had secured.

Cobb’s wife would often come and attack him and his teammates making their plan take longer than expected. However eventually, the little girl who is part of the team learns about CObb’s issue with his memories of his deceased wife.

Soon enough she helps him overcome the guilt and in the end the plan succeeds.

The young man who is soon to be the leader of the empire learns about his past and changes his way of thinking. As a result Cobb’s employer renders the menace against his children useless. Cobbs then in the end reunites with his family.

However, although he does reunite, it is not clear if Cobb is in reality or in a dream. Or he could even be intercepted by the little girl who was in his team, who also was the best at making mazes just as Cobb once was… she was his apprentice.

Also at the end we as the audience see the top spinning. The spinning is also another symbol that differentiates reality from dream-state. The top seemed to be spinning without end… so it could be that Cobb was left in a dream state.

or he could have been intercepted by some1 else maybe his apprentice.

or he could have completely decided to forget about dreams and spend his life with his children.