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Hello world!

HI. this is LOckess. My blog is set for my thoughts on various topics. It may include worldly topics to simple basic ones. Im a fan of anime, a.k.a Japanese cartoon, and therefore will talk about them. But that is not all. i live in NYC and i have knowledge. I have watched tons of movies and the most recent one was KArate Kid with JAyden Smith and JAckie Chan. In addition, I’m new to blogging as this is my very first. Im not very good with spelling, but im not proud to say that i like to express my thoughts without regret. I hope everyone who reads simply enjoys it or learns something beneficial. This is something I’m doing to vent my thoughts. Sometimes it may seem like im full of shyt and excuse my language, but this is part of my personality and so… if you cannot tolerate my freedom of speech.. i tell you to run away from this website:D