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NBA Finals 2010

NBA Finals 2010

some1 please h4ck NBa.com
NBa is all about money and nothing elese. ANy1 watching the NBA finals? The refs call everything in favor for celtics in game 5 and 2 and it is getting annoying. I hate the nBA i wouldnt be surprised if kobe leaves the leuge cuz its trash.
The celtics won game 5 cuz of shooting but also with the help of unfair calls by teh refs.
one bump on pierce the ref blows whistle and when kobe is defended by 2 people with 10 bumpbs he does not get a single call.
better yet they call offensive fouls and defense fouls on kobe.
THe nba legue is fucking annoying as hell now and its just ridiculous.

why i say kobe deserves more respect? cuz hes bets player on floor ofc they will defned him differently and thus the refs should take that into consideration. however the refs do not care and thus blow whispe mostly in favor for the celtics…
its prety obvious some1 from the celtic organization is paying specific refs to call in their favor.. im pretty sure both game 2 and 5 were pre-paid and planned.

Despite my rant after game 5 of the NBA finals. THe lakers still won.
BUt im sure the NBA did pay the refs to make it a 7 games series.
If KObe lost this final… I would never watch the NBA ever again.