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Lebron James Frenzy 2010 Free-Agent News

This is a direct response to all selfish money craving sons of b1tches that have teamed up to degrade Lebron James for his decision to play for Miami Heat.
Also response to this pathetic article by some stupid fat morons that cant play ball for the love of god.

This guy starts off saying it was a waste being a fan of Lebron…
The truth of the matter is that… pathetic reporters that only care to hype up a player are just losers in life. You people cant do anything else and have lost your will to report on a great player just because he has decided to win with better players.
First off, the main reason Lebron James plays is to win.
Cavaliers could not win any NBA finals in 7 years.
Lebron James cannot win by himself…
His team was terrible. IN addition, just because Lebron James has decided to try to win instead of trying to earn more money and help a specific franchise pull more cash from their respected locations, does not cover him in a world of hate.
People that could not buy James with money, like the Knicks, are shameful for putting such high hopes on James with their greedy and disgusting money.
James wants to win and has decided to cut his pay in order to do so.
What is wrong with wanting to win?
People say he should have stayed on Cavs, but the Cavs were too dependent on him.
James cannot be Superman and win every game.
Look at Kobe’s Game 7 shotting 6-24 in the 2010 NBA finals games against the Celtics.
If the Cavs magically made it to the finals and if Lebron shot 6-24 and played like that with the Cavs, they would have lost by 40 points.
It is a simple decision of wining and not winning.
Athletes like Lebron can only be respected in the long run by their wins and not by their hype and stupid commercials.
Lebron wants to be the best and wants to win, and he should not feel guilty about that.
He had the opportunity to join the best squad and capitalized.
Unlike the athletes of the past, now in the NBA, they are much more stronger, swifter, and skilled. Thus having the better team with the better players will allow a team to win at a high percentage.

Michael Panizzo; Plymouth, Mich. said, “This also makes the NBA look bad. I have no idea what these owners must be thinking, other than wanting to raise ticket prices next year.”
Panizzo says, this makes the Miami heat look bad, but this could be said for the contrary.
Other teams tried to do the same by investing two-three years of money on one player while neglecting every other player in the entire world. And this act is not only selfish and stupid, but it is also shameful at the way money is held and respected in the NBA.
The media is having a frenzy about the decision he made because the big companies feel like they have been slapped on their fat chubby faces. Of course the NBA should be ashamed at how they think money can buy a player and help them raise ticket prices, like the way KNicks had hoped.
Richard E. Dudenski; Schererville, Ind. said, “A thousand years from now, anthropologists will be puzzled to learn that NBA players were paid many millions of dollars because they excelled at bouncing a basketball.”
This could also be said to the Walmart brothers for making millions of dollars while having a fake face of helping America, while in actuality they not only hurt America, but also help Chinese economy.
American capitalism is full of flaws and this is no different.
If anthropologists find bouncing a ball and earning money odd, then they too would find the entire make up of the American market to be ludicrous.
Terry Friedlander; Ketchum, Idaho said, “If it were about team, then players such as Lebron James, Amare Stoudemire and Shaquille O’Neal would have stuck with the teams that they had played for and won games with. It seems most players opt for money or a more glamorous lifestyle.”
His rant about players being selfish and not considerate about their team is full of bullshyt.
If their team is full of random players that get paid to play, the teamwork is already a facade that is fake and untrue.
The team work is built upon trust, and Lebron James had no trust in his teammates after seven dissipating losing seasons.
It is funny how organizations don’t lose with a player like Lebron James because they cash in every game because of his abilities on the court, but when players like Lebron play hard and come short and fail to win… they are the ones that truly feel the pain of a loss.
The team owners have no say and and should not have the right to ask questions associated with Lebron’s decision. It is his life and he can do whatever he wants to do. And money cannot sway him. Money is only paper and does not and will not contain sentimental value of any sort.
He also goes on to ask a ridiculously ignorant question,”Do the superstars really think that they want to win more than their teammates or that they put more effort into winning on a nightly basis than the other teammates,”which not only shows that he has zero to no experience playing sports at a high level, but that he does not understand that big superstars at Lebron’s level want to win more than others. This is why they are similar height, but work hard on all aspects of their game. They are not like other lazy tall players of the NBA that simply do not work hard to win. They simply enjoy playing in the NBA at a mediocre level and earn money as they can. Lebron’s does not care about money. HE cares about basketball. He wants to win Rings and have a legacy. He wants to show the world he is dominant and not another player like Barkley who is forgotten.
Reporters like you are ignorant and are low dogs of society. You cannot grasp the pain that Lebron feels after working so hard to his point in his career/life and still coming short. His running drills, dribbling drills, shooting drills, weight lifting sessions, eating habits, family work, and life are something beyond your comprehension.

This moron of a half-assed wannabe reporter that has full of bias continues his rant saying,”For James to go to the Miami Heat because it will give him the best opportunity to win helps him avoid looking in the mirror and asking what he could have done to make the Cavaliers a better team.”
He tried his hardest to win seven times but could not. The Cavs owner and his money grubbing team did not make the Cavsteam any better that could make a significant impact to helping the Cavs win in the playoffs.
Lebron was the MVP- (Most valuable player) for the last two seasons of the NBA regular season and still could not win. His team was at fault and not himself. Lebron excelled in points, assist, rebounds, and leadership. He could not do more than that and should not need to do more than that to win a NBA finals.
Reporters like you need to look at yourselves in the mirror and figure out a new life because at this moment your self righteousness is making your selves look like fools.


Miami Heat Experiment

Now during the 2010 NBa free angency, D-wade /Chris Bosh /and Lebron James have all signed together in the Miami Heat.
They will play under Pat Riley as their head coach.
Miami is D-wade’s team and its his home, but now he has to share his glory with other all star players, including the 2 -time MVP 09/08 Lebron James.
The team will have to change up their formations and figure out what works.
Lebron could propably play any position.
The funny thing about this free-angecy was how much drama Lebron had created.
It was like watchiong a soap opera.
Lebron James really did have a meeting with D-wade and bosh, and propably heard the idea from D-wade… but was hesitant.
As moving together with the number 2 and 3 players in one team would hurt his legacy.
He also sacrificed his pay in order to be on a better team that can win more.
Now it is clear who is the best in the league… KObe Bryant… and Lebron JAmes would have to be satisfied with knowing he was number2 or 3.
Lebron JAmes now is in a situation to win the NBa FInals, which he wants no matter what. ANd he wants to win multiple rings as do bosh and wade.
The 2010-11 nba season should be interesting.
It was also funny to see how KNicks and other teams were rubbing millions of dollars towards James for no reason. ALl those teams wanted his face and his talents in order to cash in by the people of their designated city.
The knicks thought they could buy fame and prosperity with greed and money, as did cavaliers and other teams… and for that i laugh at their ridiculous attempts in vain. Good for james to leave many of these rich buffoons with their money without any talent and respect.

Links to Basketball Greatness

These are links to You-tube Basketball videos posted by random internet people:D. They are some of my favorite links that i watch often and even comment. They each have different sound tracks that blends well with the videos. Enjoy!


Kobe- Vindicated

Kobe Version 2

Lebron James mix(goes well with the clips)

High School Lebron(mello vs lb pretty cool music as well)

Kobe- Requiem for a dream>

D-wade aka Flash

NBA Finals 2010

some1 please h4ck NBa.com
NBa is all about money and nothing elese. ANy1 watching the NBA finals? The refs call everything in favor for celtics in game 5 and 2 and it is getting annoying. I hate the nBA i wouldnt be surprised if kobe leaves the leuge cuz its trash.
The celtics won game 5 cuz of shooting but also with the help of unfair calls by teh refs.
one bump on pierce the ref blows whistle and when kobe is defended by 2 people with 10 bumpbs he does not get a single call.
better yet they call offensive fouls and defense fouls on kobe.
THe nba legue is fucking annoying as hell now and its just ridiculous.

why i say kobe deserves more respect? cuz hes bets player on floor ofc they will defned him differently and thus the refs should take that into consideration. however the refs do not care and thus blow whispe mostly in favor for the celtics…
its prety obvious some1 from the celtic organization is paying specific refs to call in their favor.. im pretty sure both game 2 and 5 were pre-paid and planned.

Despite my rant after game 5 of the NBA finals. THe lakers still won.
BUt im sure the NBA did pay the refs to make it a 7 games series.
If KObe lost this final… I would never watch the NBA ever again.