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Code Geass R2 Ending Explained

Code Geass R2 Ending

These are my brief thoughts. It is based on others’ previous ending thoughts, but ultimately they are my own.
I will post pics in the future.
Try to read my bizarre thoughts. I will organize the ideas when i get then chance. At the moment I’m just jotting down everything i can about the ending.
Code Geass R2 Ending
ok the title of this anime is code geas R2= R.R ? what does this mean? that there is/will be some1 else who is immortal. What about C.c’s wish? do u really think lelouch would help the world without helping the person who helped him the most? Do you think he would ignore C.c/C2’s wish?
NO he would not and could not. He in fact fulfills her desire.
C.c originally said she first wanted love, but her geas made everyone not love her.. then she wanted love by the one person prone to the GEas, which was the person who gave her the Geas… a code that is immortal.
But instead got backkstabbed by her(the code)…
The code who was immmortal wanted to die and thus made C.c immortal and died.

in the end C.c wished to die… but lelouch realized her first wish.. which is to be loved… Her wish to die was fabricated and not genuine.
C.c wanted to be loved. Although it may not seem obvious, in the end she really was that lost girl that simply wanted some1 to care for her.
Everyone c.c gave geas to were potential lovers…
Most did not return the love or did not bother to care about C.c after receiving the power.
But what hurt the most was the life expectancy. In the end they all started to age and then die.. which she could not stop.
Remember the “Thank you” said by Lelu in the first season to C.c?
C.c replied with something like” that was the first time some1 thanked me for giving a Geass”
That was all that Lelu needed to know to understand C.c’s feelings.

this although may not seem obvious, points out that lelouch also cared for c.c.

In the end lelouch got both his wish and c.c wishes fulfilled.

Notice his Grim: This is the satisfaction he longed for throughout the entire 50 episodes.
lelouch made the world hate him…
The entire zero requem was planned by Lelu.
He slowly got every friend he loved to hate him
Even Nunnaly eventually hated him.
IN a scene prior to NUnnaly hating him… C.c said… you have achieved your goal why don’t you stop?
At that time he was already half-immortal and just had to die…

Reason to why C.c cries:
[C2 cried because she understands the pain of being immortal. What Lelouch did was achieve both his goals and C.Cs’. He became immortal himself in the end after showing the wolrd he has died. He has united the world while also filling the gap of C.c’s heart.

C2 cried because she did not want Lelouch to become R.R or R2. She knows the pain of being immortal and not being able to die.
She also cried in happiness because now she would not be alone any longer. C.c and R.r would be together forever.]

BUt Lelu still went on with the plan

He wore a mask in front of Nunally.
and made Nunnaly hate him. Hurting NUnnanly was part of the pain Lelu had to endure as she was the only other trustful family member in his life.
AFter the world hated him to the extent of Princess Cornilia’s last words… “something along the bloddy dictator”
Lelus death was all set up… so Suzuku wearing the mask of Zero could kill him.

Lelus death would show the world that this bad dictator of Britania, who was himself at the time, was slain.
This would as a result cause people to unite since the bad leader had died.
BUt the brilliance of lelu comes from making Zero a symbol of justice.

Zero would remain as the hero of Justice.

Suzuku here cries becuase of three reasons maybe four.
1. He loses his best friend whom he loved/cared for despite all his wrong actions.
2. Cried for the sefless act Leluch was doing.
3. Cried for losing Euhpomia
4. Also cried for not being able to live a regular life anymore. He would be Zero for the rest of his life.

This is a pic of Suzuku’s death. THis would show the world that Suzuku died in action. To us the viewers it would signify that Suzuku had become Zero. Plus later we see Suzuku’s typical swift movements as he dodges the bullets from the machines.

Although Lelu’s body appears dead.. this was planned prior by lelouch.
c.c cried a couple scenes earlier because she predicted leluocuh’s move.
Zero Requiem(btw.. this name/phrase sounds badass:D) was the plan to not only make zeroo a symbol of justice, but also to show the viewers at home that Lelu had become immortal.
Lelu becomes immortal a while back after defeating Charles and MArinee…
[What i wrote above about being immortal was a basic way to explain to dummies…
However in these brackets, I will explain.. to become immortal im pretty sure you have to kill another “COde.”
Or in another words kill someelse that is immortal already. And then you have to die urself in order to fully become the code… it is a two step process.
The word Code refers to the people that are Immortal.
WHen Charles.. Lelu’s father is shot by LElu… His code is activated…

and that’s why after a second Charles wakes up and shows the symbol of being a Code/ or as he calls it God.
Lelu however kills Charles, and then receives the code.
After finishing the Zero Requiem… he is killed… and at this time he as a result successfully becomes a Code… in other words he is not a person with a Geas, but with a Code, or in simple terms immortal.]
AFter death we clearly see who the new immortal R.R is.
C.c’s wish was love… this is granted by lelouch.
Both are now immortal and have themselves forever.
It would not make sense for C.c to seem happy if her wish was not granted at the very last scene.
Although it does not seem like Lelu is there.. i truly believe he is alive and supporting c.c.
People think LElu is dead because C.c is talking to the sky.. as if he is in heaven/hell…
However i disagree…
Most likely R.r/LElu is nearby somewhere. Maybe the guy riding on the horse.
Or somewhere else altogether…
This is yet another theory written by someone else.
The theory is that the COde’s can communicate with each other from distance.
Remember before when C.C was talking to herself? They looked like she was talking to herself… but in fact it could be that she and V.V were talking to each-other.
ANd since LElu is a COde just as C.C is.. the theory should make sense.
Lastly, there’s the parallelism with the ending to the Title: Code GEas R2
R.R is the name of the newest Code… and that is Leluch.
…makes logical sense. at least to me:D

Additional reasons to why Leluch is alive:


When C.C. is talking on the wagon, she says “the power of Geass brings loneliness…that’s not quite right is it, Lelouch?” and nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver.

The paper crane left on the wagon at the last scene. This is a memento of Nunnally as Leluch who posed to be dead near her cannot go back to her and be in her presence and thus holds the crane as a way to recall his sister.
C.c has no sentimental value with a paper crane.
8. Some guy also said “Even at the end, we see Orange on his orange plantation, completely content with the way things have panned out, he definitely could not be that happy had Lelouche actually died.”
And i shall explain.

Since Orange truly was a servant of Leluch Vi Britania and was extremely loyal… why would he let his master kill himself/ go on with the plan? Letting your master be killed for the people is not something Orange would be content with unless he knew Leluch had become immortal and would be happy. orange’s mission in life was to serve his master.
Orange worked with V.v in order to create his Anti-geass.. and thus understands the code/geas relationship.
There’s yet another reason why Leluch should be alive. Before he ends the Zero Requiem… Leluch gives Suzuku the mask of Zero. He says Schniezel will serve Zero… Since Leluch castes Geass on Schniezel… shouldn’t the effects wear off if Leluch truly did die? However the effects remain and thus Schniezel remains a slave of Zero. ANd therefore Leluch is alive.

I must say after watching over 250 anime titles…
this ending is one of the best if not the best of all.
This is “epic.”
And yea little kids overuse the word epic… but this ending is unlike another.
This ending makes the entire anime 1000 x better and more meaningful.
It really gets me deep inside my body of the feeling i get… only those who can understand the brilliance of the ending can relate.. i think:D

Here’s something extra:

This pics shows different relationships in the making. Some are odd matches.

Finally they get married. Nice couple of a Britanian and Japanese getting together.

Todo and that chick that always had a crush get together.

Its funny how Cornelia never dies. Nevertheless her Knight probably ends up hooking up with her since he was always thinking of her.

The two mad scientists/researchers probably hook up after this intense war. Especially since they kinda fought each other throughout this entire time with their mechs/advancements.

Orange and i forgot her name but pink haired memory loss girl hook up. Since orange had an obsession with Marianne and knew that Marianne’s geas lets her take over another person’s heart… he realized that o yea… her name is Anya… that Anya was controlled by Marianne and that her loss of memory was because of the GEass’s effect. Also you can see that she is in the field of oranges with Orange-kun.

Some added thoughts:

Kallen also understood what Leluch and Suzuku had done. Its funny that the girl who did not understand anything the entire 2 seasons was the first outsider to get Zero Requiem. Well the global/inside image of it. The image that Leluch was sacrificing himself to unite the world and keep Zero as a hero.

SUnruse> is known for ambiguous endings… but this was top of the list for me.
Also… many people b1tch about unclear endings… but i love them. It makes the anime entirely much better and memorable.

My interpretation of the ending could also be just my unwillingness to accept Leluch’s death.
Think this is legit source of actual ending.