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Clannad Season 2 Reaction

Clannad Season 2 Reaction

This anime truly is in par with emotion provokablility as are Kanon and Rumbling HEarts. IF you are a anime fan or a romance anime fan then Clannas season two is perfect for you. Also if you have not watched Rumbling Hearts and Kanon you should becuase they also are tear-jerkers.

Anywyas Clannad really is great becuase it encompases many different things. It has extremely likable characters, nice reltionships, problems/climax, family ideals, friendship, display of age altercations andthe chnages that come from being a child to reaching adulthood, father-daughter relationships, and also much more.

This anime also has great opening music and nice music to cause the aura of the feeling become even more effective and significant.

The characters go through some real issues. One is being ill with pain that is almost unbearable to watch. It also deals with death and birth.

There tears come from reminishg about Nagisa, who died after giving birth to her daughter. Dad/Tomoya cries becuase he trully loved her but has to live without her. He also is trying to be a father which is very new to him. He has neglected his daughter becuase he lost his wife and could not raise her properly. He had to spend 5 years gathering himself before he opened up and spoke to his daughter and soon enuogh they created a bond.

The friendship factor is also very crucial. These friendships help the anime progress while building up the likability factor. The characters became relatable. Nagisa’s friends become important to her after her struggle of graduation high school in 5 years. She was often ill so if was hard.

The pic below shows the theme of change and learning with age. The characters all changed over the years and they also matured. They learn important life-lessons and they each move forward in the chain of life.

IN the first season and towards the begning of the second we see relationships brewing. The most signification relationship is between Nagisa and Tomoyo. Both are a young couple in love with struggles. Tomoyo tries to work after hs and Nagisa tries to finish H/s despite being ill most of the time and missing school because of it.

Anyways this anime  has a lot to offer so if you are bored pick it up. Watch it and try not to run away from it because these issues are important to deal with and understand. This one is strong and brace yourself for it.