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Angelic Layer Reaction

Angelic Layer Reaction

Angelic Layer:

This anime is not bad. Even though you may find the main problem stupid, different people might have different views. I think that the action is good, but the plot lacked importance.

Here’s a pic of a fight:

This anime is basically about a girl starting to go to middle school. Even though she acts cute, happy, and ok with everything, she has a nag on herself of wanting to be with her mother. She never got to see her mother after kindergarten and suddenly she enters a game in spite of all that.

Here’s a pic of her alone in the city by herself:

After a long journey she ends up meeting her mother and it is happily ever after. The reason why the plot lacked importance is because her mother is a stupid ignorant fool.

Here’s a pic of the foolish mom playing a gamewhile daughter suffers:

She is the champion of the game that her daughter had entered and she never even spoke to her until the bitter end. She often says something like, “I want to show her that I’m doing work ( in my view playing a game), and that I won’t meet her until she sees me working.” I find it hard to believe that a mother, despite herself being ill, is shunning her daughter like the way she did. Her daughter was right in front of her, but instead she would just run away. Yea, and although the mother is playing to raise money for the new technology to fix herself, she did not say anything to her daughter. She could’ve at least told her daughter that simple fact, but no. She let a poor little girl suffer. And what made it more horrifying is that the mother only decided to confront her daughter just the minute both of them were going to fight one another in the last final game.

Although the girl does not feel bad for the actions her mom has done, i find it somewhat hard to watch and can’thelp but say this anime is full of bbb… bullshyt.

What would she have done if her daughter never made it to the final games? Would she just leave her by herself to suffer even more?

Anywyas thats all: Sleep well:D