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Miami Heat Experiment

Now during the 2010 NBa free angency, D-wade /Chris Bosh /and Lebron James have all signed together in the Miami Heat.
They will play under Pat Riley as their head coach.
Miami is D-wade’s team and its his home, but now he has to share his glory with other all star players, including the 2 -time MVP 09/08 Lebron James.
The team will have to change up their formations and figure out what works.
Lebron could propably play any position.
The funny thing about this free-angecy was how much drama Lebron had created.
It was like watchiong a soap opera.
Lebron James really did have a meeting with D-wade and bosh, and propably heard the idea from D-wade… but was hesitant.
As moving together with the number 2 and 3 players in one team would hurt his legacy.
He also sacrificed his pay in order to be on a better team that can win more.
Now it is clear who is the best in the league… KObe Bryant… and Lebron JAmes would have to be satisfied with knowing he was number2 or 3.
Lebron JAmes now is in a situation to win the NBa FInals, which he wants no matter what. ANd he wants to win multiple rings as do bosh and wade.
The 2010-11 nba season should be interesting.
It was also funny to see how KNicks and other teams were rubbing millions of dollars towards James for no reason. ALl those teams wanted his face and his talents in order to cash in by the people of their designated city.
The knicks thought they could buy fame and prosperity with greed and money, as did cavaliers and other teams… and for that i laugh at their ridiculous attempts in vain. Good for james to leave many of these rich buffoons with their money without any talent and respect.


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