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Pop Culture

Some people of America or rather of the world are addicted to popular culture. THey live it and breathe it. They have to know everything concerning the life of Lindsey Lohan to new birth of Hally Barry’s child.
The odd part is that all of it is pretty absurd.
DO people of lower class or lower standards based on society’s standards look up to people of hollywood with such divinity?
People are just HUman beings. Despite differences in skin color, sex, eyecolor, hair color, age or even nationality people are still the same sort of similar make up.
It truly is a ridiculous fascination to care so much about other people living their life in glory based on society’s standards.
These people get so much fame:
A. Because people think they are so heavenly.
B. Because people need something or someone to fascinate about.
C. People live pathetic and useless and meaningless lives and they have to look at people of Hollywood or simply any others associated with the limelight for some sort of relaxation or calamity.

Although, i must admit , I too have a slight concern for these people. But this concern is derived by the way society is created and how it progresses. Society has somewhat brainwashed my way of thinkg. But it has not clouded me completely…
When i live my life, why does it bother to me how Paris Hilton justs acts smutty and gets laid for cash?
Or HOw LIndsey Lohan has to be in celebrity jail for 90 days.
OR that a certain celeb has survived brain cancer.

The truth of the matter is that these issues are occurring everywhere throughout the world. It is not only hollywood that should receive so much attention but also to the neighbors and friends living nearby.

WHat matters to one’s current situation should be considered more highly than what the situation of another person in Hollywood is.

It is extremely ignorant for people to care so much for popular culture. They need to realize that society has created a standard in which people look up to these people of highclass.
These people whom are so successful are just people who somehow are able to live on the top of the human chain.
But its quite ironic that it is those that are poor and in the middle that actually do the most difficult work of the human life while trying to sustain the balance of life.

People need to stop gloating at others and focus more on simply living life for themselves while attempting to stray from the brainwash of society’s standards.


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