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After actually thinking about the world…
I realized one person cannot change much in the world.
Whether i feel if the world is corrupt or just not the way it should be… truthfully i cannot alter it too greatly by myself.
Thus i get it that it takes many people to change something.
I also am acknowledging the power of America and its power. American FBI or CIA can kill me anytime they wish… so my resistance against them is pretty much futile.
Well… since i am living in America i therefore am part of it and am supporting her no matter how much i defy or act to rebel.
America is, although i may seem at times very irrational, a nation that provides many liberties greater than other nations. America has opportunity, and lets one gain at another’s loss(capitalism). America in all honesty is helpful to her citizens… which i am BTW:D
If capitalism is the founding ideology that motivates America… it should be obvious that America will do anything to bull over any other nation for its gains.
What I am realizing is that… my blog alone cannot change anything that America does.
Yes if i become a crazy delusional preacher like the ones on the A Train(nyc joke) maybe i could convince others… but hey… when it comes to the nit and gritty… yes I am all nothing but talk and no action.
It sad to admit it… but I am not willing to risk my life and what I have to fight for a greater cause.
In all honesty… thinking as a brainwashed American… why should i care how bad another nation of people suffer while i benefit?
After all its survival of the fittest… right?

My thoughts are very spread out… but the point is that America is a nation full of lies, it cheats and gains while another nations suffers, it brainwashes its citizens, it manipulates the people living within… it taxes the poor while the rich benefit more and act like they contribute to society by holding donations and fund raisers….
But in the end I am just one person living in one little corner of NYC.. and I cannot do anything.
So… I will eventually just live my life just as another regular person.
Living life as it comes.
When i get mad or happy or think of something I will write about it.
And if i write something negative about America.. hey “its just Lock’s opinion” and no1 is forcing to agree or disagree… so in the end I realize that the world is too big for my ideas and most of it is useless.

So… let America rot for all i care…. I believe in Karma.. so if America does something negative.. or certain specific people do… so too will they rot.

And life after death will not be as pleasant as those may have wanted….
Yea i guess im somewhat religious… but hey What does it matter to you?


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