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How to Find Anime to watch Online

IN this post, you can learn how to find anime streamed online easily, how to search for specific types of anime, and how to download any anime episode or even entire series.

HOw to find Streamed ANime

check anime websites that have streamed listings…

some websites i frequently browse through are:

The way i found these websites was simple.
I googled _____ (random anime title and the word streamed)
For example: Full Metal Alchemist Streamed:
should give links.
Then find a website that you like and bookmark it.

How to search for specific types of anime
If you are not picky watch them randomly… but since post are picky and have unique tastes in anime… it is wiser to search based on genres.
The main website i use to search genres is:
This website not only has the names of all anime ever created… it also has ratings by viewers.
It also has a “Search” feature that lets you search anime titles based on certain genre.
For example: Follow the tab: encyclopedia/search:
then after you click here you can choose which genre you want and click OK.
Then an entire list of anime should pop up.

AFter you find the anime you can either google and find it streamed online…
or go to a bookmarked streamed anime website.

How to download Anime
The last part is a secret, but most people do it nowadays.
if the series is really good… you can download it…

i have many anime download/torrent website as well that has practically every legit anime out there(nonp=porn__)
If you don’t understand how to function the torrents… its quite easy.
Download a torrent program… some examples are:

You can google any1 of them.
AFter you download a program the rest is simple:
open a torrent of a specific file
google: “Naruto episode 165 torrent”
Instead of gogling for good torrents there’s yet another secret: you couldve guess it if you firgured how i think.
So.. there’s a website that links to anime/torrents.
This website has very good and the latest quality files… so it is very helpful:
and a download link should appear.
Then click open and open with the torrent program and wallah your download should get started.
The trick with torrents is to see how many people are seeding.
seeders are the people letting other people like yourself download.

Now you should be able to watch any kind of anime online.
But remember anime companies and mangakas make money if your buy their products.. so don be selfish and try to show your appreciation by purchase.


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